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At Grothouse, we constantly integrate eco-friendly solutions into our business model. Our facility is located on a 50-acre farm and the majority of the land is still farmed today. Wildlife that includes deer, turkey, and hawks freely roam the premises. This beautiful property is our inspiration for eco-friendly living.

  • In conjunction with the solar system, the additional facility has been designed using a range of energy-efficient materials and systems intended to reduce energy onsumption. Highly efficient pre-formed insulated concrete forms have been used to construct the exterior walls of the building. The ICFs feature an insulation rating of R50 to minimize potential heat loss and reduce both cooling and heating costs. The resulting heating requirements for the 12,000 square foot building are equivalent to those necessary to heat a 2,500 square foot home.

  • All sawdust, wood scraps, and cardboard scraps are recaptured and compressed into hardwood briquettes, which are used to heat our radiant heat system circulating throughout the facilities. We also sell these briquettes to local homeowners and business owners for heating their own homes and facilities.

  • The Grothouse facility has the first working prototype for the Intelli-Phase automatic phase converter. Unlike traditional phase converters, this cutting-edge technology saves energy by running only while equipment is in use.

  • Grothouse wood countertops were a featured product in the book, Whole Green Catalog: 1000 Best Things for You and the Earth. The book, published by Rodale, provides advice and reviews to help readers live in an environmentally friendly manner. Grothouse wood surfaces were called “the original green countertop,”and listed as an environmentally friendly alternative to other countertop surfaces.

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