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All about Countertops!

Choosing countertops such an important part in your project! There one of the things you use the most, as well as one of the things that bring your entire design together! Choosing countertops can be one of the easiest or most difficult part of the design process! There’s many different colors, styles, materials, & options to choose from! We’ve put together a few tips and material options to help make your project a bit easier! 

Things to consider when choosing your countertop:

  1. Do you want 2cm or 3cm thickness – Do you prefer more modern or traditional?

  2. How much maintenance do you want to put in?

  3. Do you want a more unique, natural looking stone?

  4. What type of edges are you looking for?

Material Choices:

Granite (natural stone, random patterns, higher heat resistance) Quartz (Manmade, harder than granite, zero maintenance) Solid surfaces (Corian family, repairable, integrated sink option, seamless back splash) Laminate (20 yr. counters, good for lower budgets) Porcelain (hard, zero maintenance, high heat resistance) Tile (not popular due to grouting) Concrete (long lead times, heavy, DO YOUR HOMEWORK before going there) Butcher block (high maintenance, will take on a patina, 1 company has lifetime warranty)

Check out our YouTube video on all the different types of countertops! You can also view our Coffee Talk FB live below, where we give you a quick rundown on types and materials! We have also made a downloadable PDF easily accessible for you to print and use in your remodel! If you sign up to receive our newsletters, you can receive a free kitchen remodel checklist to help make the process easier on you! We look forward to chatting with you soon! 

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