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Balancing Form and Function During Your Remodel

Balancing form and function during your remodel is a huge contributor for success with your design!


During the remodel, your designer should provide you with multiple tips and forms of advice for thinking through the details and specific measurements and layout options so that your kitchen functions easily and the way you want!

Different features and options can play a big role in the functionality of your design! Adding an island, for instance, can really change up the symmetry. So, it’s great to know what you want and your layout ahead of time! Even being off by a few inches and having to change things can add thousands of dollars onto your budget.


Below are some great questions to think about when planning your remodel:

  1. Are there one or two cooks in the kitchen?

  2. Do you typically have alot of people over for entertaining?

  3. How does your traffic patterns usually flow?

If you’re planning on adding an island – be sure to think of the space behind it and all around it!

For function, some important things to think about storage wise are small appliances, utensils, pots and pans, spices, and more! Below we’ll add some of our favorite functioning storage ideas! Which one do you like best?

We hope these few tips help you out while planning your remodel and design! Make sure to tune in to our FB every Wednesday at 10:00am for our Live Coffee Talks where you can learn more tips and tricks for your remodel! Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we post a new video every Friday all about remodeling and follow our blog to stay in the know!

We’ll chat with you soon!

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