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Bellmont Cabinets | Love It or Leave It?

Bellmont Cabinets

Today on Brand Tuesday, let’s talk about our dear friends over at Bellmont Cabinets in Sumner WA. Learn why designers and our customers absolutely love them, why I cried while writing this video script, and why you will need Bellmont cabinets in your new kitchen!

About Bellmont Cabinets

Bellmont Cabinets was founded in 1988 by CEO & founder Steve Bell. Some of you may already know, but Bellmont Cabinets was actually founded as Pacific Crest Cabinets. In 2011 the company went through a dramatic brand update; they updated their Business name and really focused on embracing modern design trends as the leading expert in frameless cabinetry for our entire nation. In 2008 the company moved into their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Sumner (about 15 minutes from our showroom), where they get to employ over 300 Washingtonians. Our team and our customers love Bellmont because we get to choose from such an up-to-date variety of styles, all while using tons of customization options. And can I mention, most of the customizations I use are free of charge!

I look at Bellmont as the front runner and leader in frameless cabinets in the American market. It’s basically considered a semi-custom cabinet line, where we can see samples of the product we want as a result but have the ability to customize and create a stunning kitchen to perfectly fit your space.

8 Reasons to love Bellmont Cabinets

Here are my top 8 reasons why you will love Bellmont and need their cabinets in your next kitchen remodel:

1. The Bellmont line is ahead of the curve when it comes to cabinet styles, colors, stains, doors, and everything else – we are obsessed!

2. You get to enjoy a lifetime warranty for your cabinets (and believe me they truly stand behind this warranty – because I’ve tested it!)

3. They only use top notch materials, for example all Blum hardware for door hinges and drawer guides with full adjustable soft close motion

4. The cabinet line is a frameless cabinet line, which means more cabinet and drawer space in every single cabinet

5. Most customizations are free of charge, for example absolutely no charge for any changes in cabinet widths. Let’s forget wasted fillers just to fill up the space and create a kitchen design that perfectly fits your space and uses every last 1/8” your kitchen has to offer!

6. They are eco-friendly! Bellmont is a certified member of the Environmental Stewardship Program. Joining this voluntary program supports the commitment to conservation and ensures their compliance in air quality, emissions, sustainable material usage, energy-efficient cabinet manufacturing and waste & recycling management.

7. Bellmont is an absolute family company, not just because Steve’s sons Casey & Tyler now actively run the company, but because they make everyone feel like part of the gang. This goes from how team members talk about the company, to how we dealers are welcomed into the family and network. Even though Bellmont experienced explosive growth, the people are the number one resource and we can feel the love to the people and the love and passion to the product.

8. And last but not least – Matisse. (So much thought in their cabinet designs!)

How the Bellmont Cabinet story made me cry!

So, now we know why you absolutely need Bellmont Cabinets in your next kitchen. But you are probably wondering why the heck did I cry while writing this video script. When Bellmont first got started, it wasn’t just because Steve thought hey I can create this product and create this company with it. It was fueled by a way deeper meaning. An earlier business venture went badly wrong due to other shady characters and left Steve with owing almost 100,000 $ to other vendors, subcontractors, and employees. Fueled with his integrity and faith, he went out there, to build another business to pay back everyone he owed. Which he then achieved after 6.5 years! To me, this is the highest form of integrity. Even though other people told him to just sign up for bankruptcy, he made it his job to pay back every single person with interest.

When I get to refer Bellmont Cabinets to my clients, I just feel incredibly good about integrity of the product, the integrity and passion behind the company and the fact that my clients and I get to support our local community. That’s it for today! Friends I hope I was able to give you a better understanding and insight to Bellmont cabinets today! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact out to our team at King’s Kitchen!


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I’ll talk to you all next time. Cheers!


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