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Best Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas

Best Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas

Best Blind Corner Cabinet Ideas || What can I use besides a Lazy Susan??

Who else is tired of your standard old Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet??! I have a quick little video to showcase you my favorite blind corner cabinet ideas for base and tall units. 

I hope you can find fun inspiration in my tips and curation of example pictures. As always, drop me a comment below on my youtube channel if you have questions, suggestions or simply want to say “Hi”!

Take a second to subscribe to my channel after the video and learn all the in’s and out’s on Kitchen Design & Remodeling to help you design your own kitchen. I also discuss a lot of my favorite material suppliers & selections I’ve used in the past. 

Blind corner cabinets are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  Every Kitchen is different and every person’s needs are different.  Which of these ideas was your favorite?  It is surprising how much more storage space you can get with these simple elegant designs.  Are you ready to get started on your new Kitchen design?

Reach out to our kitchen design team to discuss your next kitchen project!

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