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Choosing the right kitchen sink in your remodel!

Sinks and faucets are considered an appliance in your remodel. When thinking about your remodel and choosing your sink, you should really think about how much you'll be using your sink on a daily basis and what you'll be using it for!

You want to make sure you choose a sink and faucet that is good quality and that will last.

When choosing a kitchen sink, there's two things you want to think about:

  1. Sink Materials

  2. Sink Style

Here are a few different kitchen sink materials -

  • stainless steel (most commonly used) affordable, but it will scratch If choosing a stainless steel sink, we HIGHLY recommend getting a sink grid!

  • porcelain sinks Porcelain is durable and doesn't stain or scratch, it is also called an "apron front sink" and is used alot in farmhouse style kitchens. The biggest con of porcelain sinks is that they are prone to chipping. So, you will have to pay more attention with how you handle it. They are also more expensive on your average scale compared to a stainless steel sink.

  • fireclay sinks heavy, highly stain and heat resistant More expensive than both stainless steel and porcelain.

  • quartz composite no bad features, highly stain and heat resistant

  • copper sink extremely sturdy, long lasting & is a natural anti bacterial material

The second thing to think about is sink styles!

  • drop in sink Gets installed by dropping into the countertop

  • undermount sink Gets installed from underneath your countertop. Please note, that you can't do this with every material.

  • single bowls

  • dual bowls

  • standard sink

  • farmhouse sink

Watch our video on choosing the right sink style to get more detail on which sinks would be right for your project!

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