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Hardware & Hinges

Choosing the type of hardware and hinges is an important step in your kitchen remodel! There’s all different types, sizes, design, & colors and it’s a big part of establishing your kitchen design! Below you’ll find a few different options and types to help you decide what will work best for your design!

Couple different types of hardware/hinges options:

  1. Handleless design for contp/euro style

  2. push/pull design

There’s many different styles for different kitchen design types, some of these include:

  1. bar style

  2. knobs

  3. over the ledge

  4. design

  5. glass

  6. round

  7. handles & more!

There are also many colors to choose from, some of these include:

  1. matte black

  2. gold

  3. satin nickel

  4. polished nickel

  5. oil-rubbed bronze

  6. brushed nickel & more!

Below you will find a few examples of each!

When thinking about hardware and cabinet styles, placement is also important, too! Many people choose typically the center of the cabinet for handles, the bottom side, and usually the bottom corner for knobs, here are some examples:

Lastly, something else to think about is hinges for your cabinetry! Of course, the most popular is soft-close! It’s an excellent and easy choice! You should also look into upward hinges that life and swing up, as well as, 170 degree swings! 

Hopefully this post gives you a few different things to think about when choosing your cabinet hardware! While it may not seem as important as cabinets and counter-tops, it is something you’ll be using in your kitchen everyday! & something to keep in mind while designing! For more tips and posts, make sure to check our our blog page & subscribe to our YouTube channel! We’re all about giving you the best tips and tricks to making your kitchen remodel as easy as possible! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time! 

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