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How to disinfect quartz countertops | Coronavirus Disease 2019

Today’s video is dedicated to the health of your family and really understanding how to not just clean your quartz countertops from dirt, but more importantly how to disinfect quartz countertops.

Today’s video is all in response to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. I want to give you all the information you need to know on how disinfect your countertops. I’ve had several of my past customers reach out to me personally to ask this question.

What are Quartz Countertops?

When we talk about quartz, first what we need to understand is that quartz is. Quartz is a man-made material, containing natural quartz, resins and fillers. This composition creates an incredible material well suited for kitchen countertops, as it is a non-porous countertop. This means, unlike granite and other natural stones, which are porous, quartz is a solid non-porous countertop. Quartz already prevents any bacteria from entering the surface.

Nevertheless, your kitchen countertops become the breeding ground for bacteria during your cooking procedures. On top of your daily cleaning regimes, you should always go the extra step of actually disinfecting your countertops. Bacteria and viruses are just transmitted to your surfaces through cooking. Think about all the times you simply touch your countertops. Or the times you sit your grocery bags and purse on them, sit down the mail and your keys. All these incidents will cause your countertops to be exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses.

How to protect your Quartz Countertops

To protect your countertops, I highly recommend staying away from acidic or highly alkaline, products such as nail polish remover, oven cleaners and concentrated bleach. These cleaners could potentially separate the bond between the quartz and resin, and may even damage the surface. You should also avoid using abrasive sponges or harsh pads, as these can dull the polished surface of your quartz counters.

How to disinfect Quartz Countertops

What I do recommend using to disinfect your quartz countertops are cleaners labeled to disinfect non-porous countertops which do not contain bleach. These cleaners can eliminate cold, flu, E. Coli, Salmonella, and other illness-causing bacteria and viruses like the Coronavirus. These disinfectants remain wet and active on hard, non-porous surfaces long enough to do its intended job and kill bacteria within a few minutes.

There are several disinfectants available to you and without pushing certain cleaners, (this is all my true own opinion!) in our house we just tend to use Lysol. This morning I’ve checked the back of the Lysol disinfectant and it actually clearly states to disinfect against Human Coronavirus.

Please make sure to follow the instructions of your disinfectant of choice. In most cases you are supposed to keep the area sprayed wet for several minutes with the cleaner to disinfect against the viruses. A quick spray and wipe off will not do it right away. If you are disinfecting food contact areas like your countertops, they do instruct to wash off the area afterwards with potable water.

Peeps, that is it for today, I hope this blog post and video answered some of your questions on how to actually disinfect your quartz countertops and you can keep your family protected from bacteria and viruses.

If you want to watch more videos all about Kitchen Design & Remodeling, make sure to check out my YouTube Channel with tons of tips and tricks.

Cheers! Kerstin

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