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How to select your finishes for your kitchen remodel | Video 4 of 5

It’s time to jump into Video 4 of our 5 part video series on how to plan a kitchen remodel, with today’s topic of how to select your finishes for your kitchen remodel and make all of your material selections.

I’ve planned lots of insight for you with designer tips and tricks when it comes to all of your selections, so stay tuned and make sure to watch this video.

Select your finishes | 2 parts to know

Selecting your finishes in your kitchen remodel can be either the most fun part of your remodel – or it can really drive you crazy if you simply start picking things without a plan.

There are 2 parts to picking material finishes; The first part is selecting your design concept before you even start thinking about the second part. The second part is to make your material selections. Today I won’t narrow the design styles down like minimalistic or mid-century modern. I will be posting another video later on to cover those detailed topics. We will keep it simple and divide the design concepts into traditional, transitional and contemporary.

I’ve selected three kitchen images that nicely show the differences between the main styles.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Let’s start with this first one, an image supplied by one of our suppliers Bellmont Cabinets. Here you can see a beautiful traditionally style kitchen. Features that call out the traditional concept are the more detailed door style, the end panels that continue the door detail, extra detail on the island legs, lot’s of trim on the crown moldings and even additional light valance trim on the bottom of the cabinets. It might be hard to see, but the white paint has small hints of glaze in the trim details which is another very common feature for traditional designs. We have a marble looking countertop and a very nice backsplash that again has an additional bullnose detail wrapped around the pot filler.

Transitional Kitchen Design

Next, we have this really fun kitchen which is considered a transitional design concept. Most people will fall under this category and it’s fairly easy to work with. All you need to do is combine some traditional and some modern features and your set! Some features that define this kitchen are the less detailed straight forward shaker door style, way less and simpler crown detail and a straight light valance; overall the cabinetry seems cleaner and simpler.  The nice open glass display to the left and the fun backsplash behind the range bring in a traditional feel. On the more contemporary side we are seeing new metals mixed into this concept; gold on the pendant lights, gold on the island hardware which ties in so nicely with the backsplash and a pop of color in the island. I love this kitchen!

Contemporary Kitchen Design 

Third but not least let’s look at this bad boy; a beautiful contemporary kitchen design. This picture is also provided by Bellmont Cabinets. Designing a modern design concept is super easy; use mostly flat door styles, high gloss whites or matte finishes (or now we are also seeing off white colors) and bring in some wood finishes to introduce a warm homey feeling to the design. Features I love in this design are all the open shelving along the wall and in the island and playing with the color combinations along the wall cabinets and island. Who said you can only mix between the base and the wall cabinets? There is no rule! let’s have fun and think outside the box.

Rule to selecting your finishes

Once you’ve established your design concept, now it is way easier to start selecting finishes. Here is the best and easiest rule to follow in our selection process: Go from more details in a traditional concept – to medium details in a transitional concept and to flat, very clean details in a modern concept.

Of course, we can make this a whole lot more complicated by defining individual design concepts like mid-century modern or coastal kitchens, but I think this should be a fairly easy way to get you started and moving in the right direction. And hey, if you feel like you do need help figuring out all of your finishes, make sure to reach out to our team online or by phone. Click on our “contact us” link below.

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