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How to survive a kitchen remodel | Part 5 of 5

How to survive your kitchen remodel. Check out our YouTube video below to see part 5 of 5 of our video series on planning your kitchen remodel.

How to survive a kitchen remodel

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by! So, if  you’ve made it all the way to this last video, it means you are done planning your kitchen remodel.  You’ve figured out your budget, made all of your selections, ordered materials and the remodeling schedule has been set! Let’s talk about the reality of a remodeling project and how to survive your kitchen remodel!

Having done a ton of kitchen remodels over the years, I know getting into the actual remodeling phase is always the toughest step.  When everything felt exciting and calm during the design and planning phase, the remodeling phase can feel hectic and stressful. But it doesn’t have to feel this way with these tips and tricks from the Pros. 

 Tips to survive your kitchen remodel:

  1. Preferably, don’t live in the space during the remodel. I know this could be difficult to achieve and there may not be another option. But it would be great if you could start your remodel maybe while you’re on vacation out of town, or you could live with family. Living at the jobsite could make it more difficult for the individual trades to work very efficient and focus on their work.

  2. Give yourself enough time to empty out your kitchen before the project starts. Do not wait for the day before. I highly recommend you start at least one week prior with emptying out cupboards and sections of your kitchen that you do not use on a daily basis. Invest in moving boxes and make sure to label everything correctly. If you do end up living in the house, this will make it a lot easier down the road if you are looking for an item. 

Setting up your temporary kitchen:

  1. You will need to think about where to set up the temporary kitchen so preferably it can be close to a water source. F.E. in a laundry room with a sink, or next to a hall bath. If you don’t have another water source in a convenient location, you do have the option to rent a sink from Home Depot (fairly inexpensive and could make your life a lot easier.) Believe me, the sink will be the biggest part you will miss about your kitchen.

  2. You will either need a large folding table or keep one or two of your old cabinets as a worktable for your temporary kitchen. 

  3. Appliances you should have on hand: Small refrigerator, microwave, a toaster oven could come in really handy, definitely a hot plate or an induction burner (induction burners heat up much more quickly than hot plates).

  4. Other appliances you may need: toaster, blender and an electric kettle to heat water could really come in handy.

  5. Other items you should have in your temporary kitchen: lots of napkins, disposable/recyclable silverware and dishes (preferably environmentally friendly).

  6. If you are not reusing an old cabinet with drawers, I suggest in investing into a plastic drawer tote to keep your most used spices, and pantry items, cereal etc. so it’s easy accessible and somewhat still organized. 

Final thoughts on how to survive a kitchen remodel:

Overall, don’t rush the project!  I never recommend you begin a remodel 4 weeks before a major holiday if you are planning on inviting your entire family over. 

In a perfect world your major kitchen remodel can be fully installed in 4 weeks.  In reality, construction and retro fitting an existing home comes with it’s set backs.  Something always comes up to push the project completion date out one way or another. This can be anything from unexpected electrical issues to damaged parts having to get replaced and now they are on back-order for example. Keep these things in mind when you’re planning your timeline for your remodel project.  

I hope these tips and tricks will help you all keep your sanity throughout your kitchen remodel and of course help you to set up a functional temporary kitchen while remodeling. 

Feel free to reach out to our designers at King’s Kitchen with any questions about your upcoming remodel project! Visit our “contact us” page to reach out to us.


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