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Introducing Fabuwood Cabinets | Is it worth the hype???

Fabuwood Cabinets

Today we are discussing very exciting topic as I will dive deeper into the Fabuwood Cabinets. Who are they, what makes them special, and most of all, will I love them once installed in my new kitchen?!

About Fabuwood

Fabuwood was started back in 2009 right after the bad recession by partners Michael Panzer, and Joel Epstein. The company first started in Jersey City with their first manufacturing plant which was right around 123,000 SF, employing a team of about 40 members. A Decade later, the two partners were able to explode their successful domestic cabinet manufacturing business. With over 800 team members and million square foot manufacturing facility in Newark- Fabuwood Cabinets are now more accessible than ever! People are really liking these Fabuwood cabinets and being a local dealer for Fabuwood Cabinets in Tacoma over the past year, we know why! Fabuwood cabinets does an amazing job simplifying their cabinet line with just a handful of skews and keeping customizations to a minimum which allows for great savings. All while building a top-notch quality product and focusing on what the customer (YOU) really want in your new kitchen. This all sounds like fun and giggles, but what does all this really mean for me as a homeowner looking for a beautiful new kitchen?!

Benefits of Fabuwood Cabinets

1. Affordability

Fabuwood offers a cabinet that will truly give you a bang for your buck.  By only having a few sets of door styles and colors that really work with most kitchen designs, you will likely find the style you were looking for. Along with the door style we are limited to the most important modifications and that’s it. No crazy sizes, we are working in increments of 3”.  That’s how we save the dollar people!

2. Quality

Not only can you save money,  you are also working with a product that hits all the important construction basics for a strong and functioning cabinet. The line itself is constructed as an American face framed cabinet line. These cabinets come with a standard plywood box construction (no upcharges!), maple veneer interiors and of course, high performance Blum soft close drawer guides and door hinges.  You get to enjoy a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty!

3. Current Trending Design Options

Check out our video to see some examples of the most popular doors from Fabuwood.  You will also get to see how we implemented them in our projects!

Questions & Comments

We want to hear from you!  Please reach out to us with any questions you may have!  If you want to see samples and see the cabinets in action, swing by our showroom located in Tacoma visit our contact page  here. We jam to good music, have great coffee and love to talk about kitchen remodeling. So, make sure to stop by and we can show you all the samples.

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