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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Is it time to think about Kitchen Island Design Ideas?  And which style will fit best into your new kitchen?  This video has you covered!  I’ve compiled just a hand full of design ideas that will spark your inspiration with some input on what makes them special. It’s a quick guide to a few unique island designs.

Remember, your kitchen design should be based on what is most functional and appealing to you and your family.  What is your favorite Island idea?  Do you need a space to sit the kids down for breakfast in the morning before school, or a swanky island designed for entertaining guests? OR, are you a master chef and need an island that functionally supports your craft?  I have an example in this video for all of you.

I hope you can find fun inspiration in my tips and curation unique islands to fit every need. 

After watching this video, please take a second to subscribe to my channel and learn all about the in’s and out’s on Kitchen Design & Remodeling to help you design your own kitchen. I also discuss a lot of my favorite material suppliers and selections I’ve used in the past.

Are you ready for your next Kitchen project?  Reach out to us today!

Cheers! Kerstin

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