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Kitchen Island Planning Tips

Kitchen Island Planning Tips

Kitchen Island Planning Tips || ***What you need to know for your perfect Kitchen Island***

Welcome back! In my last video and blog post, I brought you some input on different Kitchen Island Designs to find your initial island design concept. This video is like a part 2 and focuses on building standards so you can plan your island correctly. Sizes, walkways, seating heights and depths, and the biggest question, can I even fit an island in my space?! 

A luxury kitchen island is part of most people’s dream kitchen – but you can’t just go into your design without some key planning strategies first.  We want to help deliver the best possible outcome for our viewers and customers.

I hope this video will answer the most common questions, but if you can think of anything else,  drop me a comment on our youtube video or contact us

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Cheers! Kerstin

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