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Kitchen Must Haves

Check out these Kitchen Must Haves you need in your design/remodel!

These Top 10 Kitchen Must Haves are what you need in your kitchen design/remodel. These are all the things I make sure to mention and/or include in every project I do! Not only do these things make your life easier, they also help keep your space organized and multi-functional.

Check out my latest video on my top 10 items I like to see in every one of my kitchen remodels. I’ve been working on so many different projects over the last few years, but there are few things that really stuck with me. So, I am sharing these tips with you today. Most of them are very affordable but add so much functionality, you don’t want to miss them.



– Trash Pull out Accessory:

– Silverware Divider which can be cut down:

– Sink Base Cabinet Liner:

– Tray Dividers: – Pantry roll out shelves:

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Cheers! Kerstin

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