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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Check out this STUNNING Modern Farmhouse Kitchen!

Find inspiration in this stunning modern inspired Farmhouse Kitchen we’ve completed in a New Construction in Tacoma. For this project, we used custom locally made transitional kitchen cabinets in a painted white finish on a Shaker door detail. Our customer wanted to achieve a modern and elegant twist on the traditional Farmhouse kitchen. To achieve this look, we’ve added just enough trim and details to feel elegant but not overly heavy on the details. It’s a clean, fresh take on your white Farmhouse kitchen.

In addition to the kitchen, we then took the same cabinetry and extended the design into the powder room, two upstairs bathrooms, and laundry room.

In this video, I’ll be showing you before and after pictures of this stunning Modern Farmhouse Kitchen. I’ll also be giving you all the tips and details to help you design your own!

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Below are the products used in this kitchen project:

– Locally made custom cabinets: – Countertops in all rooms except the laundry room: Pental Quartz – 3cm Color Misterio polished –… – Countertops in laundry room: Teltos – 3cm Quartz Color – – Tile Inspiration: Surface Art –… – Cabinet Hardware Pull: Top Knobs – Ascendra Pull… – Cabinet Hardware Knob: Top Knobs –…

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