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Planning your Kitchen Remodel!

Planning your kitchen remodel but don’t know what to do first? No worries, we got you! In this blog, you’ll find the five steps we recommend while planning your kitchen remodel! Make sure to check out our other blog posts for more kitchen remodeling tips and tricks to make your remodeling journey easier! 

1. Figuring out your budget! How much are you willing to spend on your remodel?! 

Once you’ve gotten your budget figured out, you need to put at least 8-10% aside as backup funds! It never fails that sometimes things com up beyond our control, and unfortunately, that happens in kitchen remodels, too! So, it’s always nice to have the extra funds set aside. It also helps to know the average cost of a kitchen remodel in your area! There’s a repost we typically check each year that can help with the numbers! We have it linked in the first part of our video series on YouTube – so, make sure to check it out! In the Pacific North West the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel starts at around $25,000 and a major at $60,000. Of coarse, prices will always vary based on materials and selections! When thinking about your expenses, we usually recommend around 20-40% for cabinetry and install and 10-20% for appliances. 

2. Our second tip is planning your kitchen footprint! This step is always important because you should know whether or not you’re going to keep the existing layout or change it! If you decide on making big changes to your layout, keep in mind, this will drive up your budget! If you’re planning to remove a wall in the design, we recommend adding an extra $5,000 to $7,000 to your existing budget! 

3. Finding a reliable contractor! This step is one you want to spend a little time on. There’s one important question to ask yourself at the beginning of your project: What kind of contractor do we need?

  1. General Contractor

  2. Designer

  3. Design & Build Firm

  4. or – are you going to be your own contractor? 

4. The fourth tips is the fun one: Selecting the finishes for your remodel! Thinking about your design concept  before moving into your selections is key! Which design element are you wanting to achieve – a few examples are traditional, transitional, modern, and more! More details usually lead to traditional while less lean more contemporary! 

5. Our fifth and final tip is Survive the Remodel! If you’ve gotten this far then it’s time to schedule your remodel and start your project! As long as you’ve done and prepared the first four steps, you should be good to go! We know it would be hard, but try not to live in the area you’re remodeling! If you have to, at least make sure you have a sink easily accessible. Before your remodel begins, make sure to clean and declutter your space and organize things in labeled bins – we promise, it’ll help the process! 

Enjoy your new kitchen! We hope these tips help and make sure to check out our 5 part “How to plan your remodel” series on YouTube! You can also view our blog on kitchen remodeling mistakes here!

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