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Planning your Remodel

When you being planning your remodel, there are quite a few steps to make sure you add and it can get overwhelming quickly! In this blog post, we’ve put together a few important tips to think about while beginning the planning stage of your remodel! 

What’s the scope of your project?

Who is your contractor?

Did you plan your budget?

It’s important to have a budget in place before starting your remodel. Make sure to include back-up funds for any of the unexpected things that could come up. Average remodels can start with a cost between $30-$40 thousand dollars. 

Who’s doing your remodel? 

There’s typically three different options you can use for a remodel.  1. Design/ Build Companies 2. Hiring a Contractor 3. Doing it Yourself

Knowing the Scope of your project can be key in a remodel. You’ll need to know whether or not you’re doing cosmetic changes only or removing walls, changing electrical and/or plumbing, or removing walls. If you’re doing anything other than just cosmetic, you’ll have to have permits and room budget wise! Moving or removing walls will also require an architect – so make sure you keep that in mind, as well! 


Figuring our your timeline ahead of time is a huge factor in your remodel process. A lot of things have changed in the supply chain world since Covid. Cabinets and Countertop lead times are much longer than they used to be. With this comes less and less contractors that are available for projects. Another important factor to keep in mind is will you be living in the space of the remodel? Will there be children or pets in the space as well? Definitely make sure you have a plan!

Hopefully this blog post will help you in the beginning stage of your remodel! For more tips and tricks, visit our blog at & our YouTube channel! We also have a free downloadable Remodel Checklist to get you started! You can find it and download it below! Thanks so much for reading and we’ll catch you next time! 

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