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Plywood vs. Particle Board

Plywood vs. Particle Board

Plywood vs. Particle Board? Today I am answering the age old question if you should select Plywood or Particle Board constructed cabinets for your kitchen remodel. Is the Plywood upgrade really worth the money? If you are currently shopping for cabinets, watch this video to be better informed on how to spend your precious kitchen remodeling budget!


Yes, Plywood (Grade A – American plywood) is absolutely better than particle board!  However, after working on tons of kitchen remodels and cabinet installs and installers, we know it’s overkill and really not necessary to upgrade to American grade plywood. So it isn’t so much plywood vs. particle board, it is more about what materials and what quality you use and where you use them!


The 2 main pro’s of plywood are the strength and water absorption quality. The reality is that the strength of a solid cabinet lies all in the box construction itself, as well as the method of install. The second pro of plywood is the water absorption quality. Now this is something particle board can’t hold up with. If you were to run into a major accident like a water leak from your sink, a plywood box can definitely buy you time and help keep the damage to a minimum. The truth is though, with a quality cabinet manufacturer even the particle board box constructions are sealed so good with melamine it also helps to keep the water damage at bay.


Even though we know that plywood is a better material in the plywood vs. particle board match-up;

I don’t recommend upgrading all your cabinets to plywood.  Upgrading at least your sink base to a plywood box construction is a great place to start. If you’re spending $15,000 on your kitchen cabinets, instead of upgrading 10% for $1,500 you’re only spending about $50 for the added security.


Now it’s time that I will let you in on a little secret. How you are getting tricked into very low quality cabinets. All low quality imported cabinet lines will come standard with a thin plywood box construction. These manufacturers feed of you thinking it’s a better material. But the reality is, it’s low quality and soaked in formaldehyde (uggghhhh)! It’s usually just 1/2″ in thickness and missing all of your box construction strength supporters like needed corner braces. These boxes just fall apart after a few years and are the worst investment you can make. Small tip, take a look at the manufacturers warranty, it will tell you more of the longevity of the cabinets you are about to purchase.

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