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Tiny Kitchen Remodel || Tacoma, WA

This Tiny Kitchen Remodel is SO CUTE and really shows how you can transform any area. This design is full of modern style and functionality. In this tiny kitchen remodel we really wanted to use every inch of the kitchen without compromising any space. We also wanted it to be bright and open, but we didn’t want to just have an all white design – as that can get boring from time to time.

For this kitchen, we used Bellmont cabinets, a mix between the 1600 line and the 1900 line. As a result, we got a perfect match of style and color! For the bottom cabinets we used the color “denim,” which is this really nice light blue. And for the wall cabinets, we used a simple shaker cabinet in the color “white.” Also – for the wall cabinets, you can see we chose a clear, open front. In result, it added dimension and function since it’s such a small space!

For the countertops, we wanted to stick with something that was clean and bright. So, we chose a Silestone Quartz countertop in the color “Iconic White.” You can see we also picked a clean, tile backsplash called “Calcite” to flow with the cabinet colors. The appliances pair well with the colors and design in this project, and we wanted the same with the hardware. Our client chose a basic hardware in “Brushed Nickel,” and it was the perfect choice!

This kitchen design came together perfectly and the client was extremely happy with the final project! We can’t wait to show you what project we have coming up next!

Below you can find the links of all the products we used for this kitchen remodel:

– Bellmont Cabinets – 1600 line (with one 1900 cabinet for custom corner cabinet), Door Style Intro in paint Denim on base cabinets & paint white on all wall and tall units (Refer section), Find here:… – Countertop by Silestone, 3cm thick Quartz Countertops in Color Iconic White polished. Find here:… – The backsplash full height tile is by Fireclay tile, called Calcite in white. Find here:… – Cabinet Hardware by Hardware Resources, Naples pull in stainless steel. Find here:…

Check out our YouTube video on this project where I share the blueprints and before & after photos!

Check out our Projects under “The Stuff” on our website for all our past remodels and all the new ones!

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