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Top 10 Kitchen Trends 2017

Picture this. It’s morning. You walk into your kitchen. It’s a week after your kitchen remodel. You’re in awe at how your kitchen looks.You’re having company tonight. You’re wondering how they will react to what you have done. The design follows the kitchen trends 2017 recommendations.

Here’s a summary:

Kitchen trend – Contemporary, no visual or physical clutter, simple lines, warm, friendly for you to enjoy


A Contemporary styled kitchen is the kitchen trends 2017 choice.

The underlying thought is clean and simple. Simple white/gray cabinets. An interesting backsplash. A hardwood floor. No clutter. Everything tucked away. Clean lines.

60-30-10 rule for colors. 60% one dominant color, 30% secondary color, 10% accent color.

What’s emerging as variations on the Contemporary style are the Industrial, Mid Century Modern, Mountain Modern, and Coastal styles.

Color Themes – you’ve fallen in love with your dazzling two color tone kitchen

kitchen trends 2017

A two tone gray and white kitchen is a major kitchen trend 2017. Why a trend switch to a two tone color scheme from an all-white? Yes, all-white kitchens are popular. But the perception is that the all-white tone appears to be too clinical.

A two tone blending of white with an off-white soft hue such as gray gives the kitchen a refreshing look. Not something sterile like an all-white operating room.

One suggested kitchen trend 2017 color theme is white upper cabinets, lower cabinets gray, white countertop, gray backsplash, white walls, gray floor, and gray doors. It’s dazzling.

Countertops – a low maintenance material that does not stain, always looking great

Quartz is the kitchen trend 2017 material for countertops. It is a hard, strong material resistant to scratching. Also, quartz is non-porous. It will not absorb liquids. Absorbed liquids result in staining and offers a place for bacteria to grow. The popular granite countertop material requires a seal coating to keep liquids out. And you would apply a new coating at least once a year.

Bottom line is that quartz is easy to maintain and is durable. And it has a great look.

Another kitchen trend 2017 is to have the quartz countertop integrated with the sink. This eliminates the gap between the countertop and sink. No more gap, no more food or mold build-up.

Cabinets – use them to make your kitchen look clutter free by hiding appliances, cooking gear, and smaller items such as canisters

Gray wooden cabinets with a simple flat door style are dominating the kitchen trend 2017. Metal cabinets are a small segment that is growing. They are popular with younger male designers.

Most popular features in the cabinet design are pullouts and rollouts with deep (typically 24 inches), divided drawers organized to keep everything in place.

Under cabinet LED lighting is also trending up.

Larger cabinets are trending in use to hide appliances such as refrigerators.

A popular design variation with cabinets is to have open shelving on the upper half to show your artsy-craftsy stuff.

Backsplashes – a design to express your personality

Kitchen trends 2017 highlight the backsplash becoming a visual focal point for the kitchen. They’ve become decorative. Sometimes as a delightful, enchanting expression of the homeowner’s personality.

The trend in 2017 is to extend the backsplash all the way up the wall. And also to eliminate the four inch high slab from the countertop.

Appliances – hidden, making you look organized

Hiding appliances is part of the clean line style in kitchen trends 2017.

Refrigerators and freezers are becoming separate appliances. GE has a tall, column refrigerator that you can hide behind one of your gray doors. To save kitchen space, a separate freezer often resides in the pantry. Gone are those out in the open stainless steel monsters.

Induction cooktops and convection ovens are part of the kitchen trend 2017. Some owners prefer steam ovens for preparing moist dishes. Slow cooking / warming drawer combos are also popular.

Seniors are trending towards side door opening ovens.

Microwave drawers, toasters, blenders, and crockpots are to be behind closed doors.

Sinks – simple, no food catching gaps

kitchen trends 2017

If the sink is not part of the quartz countertop, installing an under mount sink is the trend. It fits well with solid surface countertops like quartz. Gone will be the sink flange overhanging the countertop.

Enameled cast iron single basin sinks are included in the kitchen trend 2017 category.

Lighting – clever lighting to enhance your kitchen

Kitchen lighting is trending into the remarkable.

Example: a couple of two foot diameter light fixtures with gray shades mounted over the work area. Gives a visitor that wow effect. Practical for you.

LED lighting – kitchen trends 2017 likes it being in and under cabinets, in drawers, near the base of the floor, behind hidden appliance doors, and even to accentuate your artwork.

Smart kitchen – you’ve stepped into the 21st century

Kitchen trend 2017 shows kitchens grasping the use of technology.

Internet connected appliances – program your cooking appliances to start cooking your meal while you’re on your way home. Appliances send messages back to you about the process.

Kitchens having docking stations to recharge mobile devices, work stations to access info and control appliances.

Recommended to add kitchen wiring in your remodel for future technology apps.

Floors – hardwood floors are warm and classy

Hardwood flooring is in the kitchen trend 2017.

A popular option is parquet flooring constructed out of maple or walnut with a design of chevrons, herringbones, or zigzag. Gray is the color matching the theme of the kitchen.

Suggestion is to not use a dark color for the flooring. It takes extra work to maintain.

OK, back to my kitchen. Here’s what happened after my guests arrived

Your guests arrived. They started to chatter right away. How are you? What have you been doing? etc.

While I was hanging up their jackets, I noticed the chattering stopped suddenly. My guests were just standing there looking at my kitchen. Their mouths were open. They were staring. They were stunned.

Well, that was the conversation all evening. All about the kitchen. “You’re brilliant.” “Your kitchen is awesome.” And on and on. You’ve cut in the top 10 kitchen trends for 2017 into your kitchen. And they love it.

I became very popular after that. Well respected. The kitchen did that? Oh, my gosh!

Could that happen to you? Find out. Email me at and let’s talk about your new kitchen project and how we can bring it to life.

I know. You’re going to love having people calling you brilliant.

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