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Top 7 Kitchen Design Trends of 2022

Check out the Top 7 Kitchen Design Trends of 2022!

Thanks so much for tuning in! It’s finally time we talk about those Top 7 Kitchen Design Trends of 2022. Last year was so much fun in the design world but we are also seeing fun new ideas in the kitchen world to go crazy with. I have put together my top trends of 2022 which are styles I use almost daily with my clients. These trends are so fun as well as functional and we know you’ll love at least one! Comment below and tell us which one is your favorite! We’ve always loved the black is the new white style as well as the fun and funky colors. Also, who doesn’t love plants!? In the end, your kitchen is all about YOUR style and personality and can be any design you want it to be! Do you like fun and funky or more traditional? Regardless, we know your kitchen design will be nothing more than perfection! 

Do you like more modern designs? Check out our last YouTube video to see a modern kitchen with mid-century vibes!  

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