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TOP Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchen Remodel in 2021 || MUST SEE!!

Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchen Remodel

TOP Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchen Remodel in 2021 || MUST SEE!!

If you are working on your kitchen design, don’t miss out on these MUST SEE Cabinet Door Styles for your Kitchen Remodel in 2021! Are white shaker doors still trendy? Check out what other options are available if you like shaker but are looking for something a little different.  You don’t have to be like everyone else to have a custom look in your kitchen! Or, are you a trend setter? What else is out there that is edgy and on trend if I want to be different than the rest? In this video, I show you my current favorite cabinet doors for kitchen remodels in 2021.

The door samples shown are all from Bellmont:

  1. Index Door (Classic Shaker):

  2. Evoke Door (Newer Shaker):

  3. Invoke Door (Newer Shaker):

  4. Matisse Door (My favorite for eclectic & mid-century modern designs!):

  5. Cezanne (Mattisse Door in Wood):

  6. Firma (Flat Panel used for Laminates):

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