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Types of Cabinets and Cabinet Construction

Types of Cabinets  and Cabinet Construction EXPLAINED!! | *FRAMED vs INSET vs FRAMELESS* Cabinet Construction

Types of Cabinets and Cabinet construction is important in your design! This video is probably the very first video you should watch if you’re starting to work on your kitchen design as it will lead you in the right direction of which style cabinet to look for!! Lots of tips and tricks here on how to design correctly with each of the different ways a cabinet box can be constructed. Feel free to leave me any questions & comments below and I’d be very happy to connect! We try to offer all of our best tips for kitchen remodeling and design! Choosing your cabinet box and construction is crucial to your project and should be the first step you take in the process! All of our videos and blog posts are designed to help make your project go as smoothly as possible!  

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Cheers! Kerstin

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