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Types of Countertops – The Ultimate Guide

There are quite a few different types of countertops and it is important to find the countertop material that works best for you and your family’s living situation. This will be one of the biggest decision during your Kitchen Remodel and I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Here are my favorite types of countertops:

Wood / Butcher Block Countertops

For some, wood and countertops just don’t seem to mix. But a high-quality wood with the right kind of sealer can make for a beautiful, warm and long-lasting countertop. The price varies substantially depending on the type of wood you choose

Cost: $35 – $85 / sq.ft. installed


  1. Unique warm feel

  2. Good price point & looks great in combination with another type of countertop


  1. Heat sensitive material

  2. More susceptible to dents

  3. Needs to be sealed properly

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid Surface counters are a blend of acrylic or polyester resins, powdered fillers and pigments, cast into slabs. There are many manufacturers of these synthetic counters, including Dupont Corian, LG Hi-Macs, Wilsonart. Its unique composition makes buffing out scratches a breeze and provides the appearance of a seamless installation, including for integral backsplashes. This product outshines its competitors with an ability to be thermoformed into unusual shapes and configurations.

Cost: $40 – $100 / sq.ft. installed


  1. Solid surface is durable and nonporous, making it resistant to stains, mildew and bacteria

  2. Comes in almost every color imaginable

  3. Tops are installed seamless due to the material’s ability to be shaped & integrated with each other with heat


  1. Heat sensitive material

  2. Vulnerable to scratches (Pro: Scratches can be buffed, making your tops look like new)

Granite Countertops

Very popular option of all the different types of countertops is granite. It’s wide variety of coloring & veining, as well as customizable finishing like leathered, polished or matt finish. Every slab is one of it’s kind and unique. When sealed properly it’s a tough countertop for everyday use. Can start as low as $50 / sq.ft but can get very expensive depending on your selection on more exotic stones.

Cost: $45 – $100 / sq.ft. installed Pro:

  1. Good entry level price points for working with budgets

  2. Resistant to heat and scratching


  1. Needs to be resealed every 6-12 months depending on fabricator

  2. You will most likely be charged for a full slab unless you find a fabricator that specifies price / sq.ft.

Limestone Countertops

Limestone is made over time from shells and fossils and is shaped by sand and aquatic life. Because of its origin, many people choose limestone as their stone countertop due to the fact that it has a unique story and many homeowners value that origin. It’s also known for it’s beauty and high heat resistance.

Cost: $50 – $75 / sq.ft. installed


  1. resembles marble but more cost effective


  1. Limestone is a pliable stone, prone to scratching, easily discolored, grazed, or otherwise etched

  2. Develops natural patina (Pro or Con depending if you love it or not)

  3. Porous material needs to be sealed every 6-12 months depending on fabricator to prevent staining

Concrete Countertops

Concrete, the humble material behind many a building foundation, makes for nearly indestructible kitchen counters and offers artisan-crafted customization in both color and layout. With these bragging rights, concrete rises above much of the countertop competition. Concrete is composed of water, a binder and a filler.

Cost: $70 – $100 / sq.ft. installed


  1. Extremely Durable

  2. Very Modern / Industrial Look & Feel


  1. more expensive and time consuming install

  2. can create hairline cracks after settling

Marble Countertops

Marble has an unrivaled, classic look that always seems to be in style. For lovers of white kitchens in particular, a marble counter offers more variety than almost any other material. Marble is known more for the patina it develops with use than for its durability. Marble is a natural stone composed of calcium carbonate; it’s in the same stone family as limestone and travertine. Color variations occur in marble due to mineral impurities in the stone. Slabs, rather than tiles, are typically used for countertops, where the dramatic veining can be displayed. It’s definitely one of my favorite types of countertops but it comes with a lot of work.

Cost: $70 – $100 / sq.ft. installed Pro:

  1. Classic look that’s always in style


  1. Soft material, will very easily scratch

  2. Develops natural patina (Pro or Con depending if you love it or not)

  3. Porous material needs to be sealed every 6-12 months depending on fabricator to prevent staining

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a natural stone composed largely of mineral talc, which lends the material the smooth feel of soap. Slab colors are typically medium gray and can have a greenish cast. Over time, the soapstone will darken to a deep charcoal. Unlike marble or granite, Soapstone is nonporus and does not need sealing. We recommed a mineral oil to protect the stone which also speeds up the natural darkening process. Slabs may contain pronounced veining, which is produced by quartz in the stone.

Cost: $80 – $100 / sq.ft. installed


  1. Very Durable & resistant to heat (even used for wood burning ovens)

  2. High density makes it impenetrable by everything, including bacteria & stains


  1. softer material, which leads to edges and corners being eased over time

  2. Nicks and scratches may accumulate over time (part of it’s character), the greener the slab the the material

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the types of countertops that is an absolute go to for me. Engineered Quartz is the man-made counterpart to stone tops. It comes in every shade the manufacturers can make and is a great choice for the customized home design. Manufacturers combine up to 96% of natural stone with resins and pigments for a tough, nonporous material. Great eco-friendly attributes makes it a safe bet for green homes, too.

Cost: $95 – $150 / sq.ft. installed


  1. Very Durable & resistant to heat

  2. Nonporous material, making it resistant to stains, scratches and bacteria

  3. Comes in almost every color imaginable

  4. Low maintenance

  5. Due to the nonporous composition, available for longer overhangs and fabricators can work with bigger pieces that call for fewer seams


  1. More expensive and you could be paying for a brand name as well

I hope this information will help you to make the right decision on which types of countertops to choose for your kitchen remodel. There is also a shorter Pin below that you can save to your remodeling board to keep the information close. If you are looking for more information, join our Facebook Group where I answer your biggest Kitchen Remodeling questions.

And as a little extra, I am giving away a free Kitchen Remodeling timeline / schedule that you can use for your personal remodel. You can download it right here.

Cheers y’all!


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