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Visual Textures in your Remodel

Visualizing colors & textures is an important step in your remodel…

Most of the surfaces in your kitchen are flat – these include your cabinets and floors. You can add visual textures to your design in your countertops, backsplash, and some in your cabinetry.  There are four main surfaces in your kitchen: Two horizonal – floors and countertops  Two vertical – backsplash and cabinets & they all need to work together. 

Lower cabinets & floors are typically not your visual surfaces, unless you have an island – which would be the main focal point. 

When designing your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure your selections don’t clash. For example, if you have a textured cabinet, you wouldn’t want to choose a textured floor. Such as engrained wood. Below, you can see a few examples of how’d we choose selections! 

You can do many different combinations. For a more linear cabinet, you could used a toned color busy countertop. Or for a bold color cabinet, a more toned less busy countertop. & if you want the backsplash to be your main focus, do something fun and funky & make the rest match! 

We hope these tips help you with your design for your remodel! Tune in to our YouTube next week on kitchen remodeling and design! You can also head over to our Facebook by clicking the button below to watch our live on visual textures and get more tips! Whatever style you go with, we know your kitchen will look great! We’ll catch you next time!  Cheers! 

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