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Welcome to King’s Kitchen.

Your Space to find everything you wanted to know about kitchen design.

I am so excited to finally release my website to the public. I wanted to create an online space to share all my kitchen design inspiration, kitchen design tips & tricks, as well as how to actually renovate your kitchen. A space where you can sip your morning coffee while browsing through the latest in kitchen design & décor.

Find Kitchen Design Inspiration you will love.

I actively work as a kitchen remodeler at a local showroom in the Greater Seattle area (so if you are somewhat close to me SAY HI and send me an email!). I get to work on my design skills and kitchen design tips & tricks every single day when creating beautiful newly designed kitchens with my clients.

Find industry tips & tricks when renovating your kitchen.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of kitchen remodels that have gone the wrong way and ended pretty bad…There are so many details about a kitchen and all the materials and pieces you select when remodeling, that it is important you find an expert in this field. Sometimes, I find myself honestly educating clients, even though it pushes them away from a certain product. I am very honest when it comes to my designs and I do not work with products or brands that I personally don’t believe in.

Now don’t be shy.

I love this industry as much as I enjoy helping people. Especially when it comes to anything regarding kitchen design. If you have questions regarding this topic, please don’t be shy and just send me an email at . I am here to help and love to connect with you.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

- Kerstin

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