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What affects costs in a remodel?!

How much does a Kitchen Remodel actually cost in 2023? Well, I get asked that question way too much. And I totally understand that you want to ask that, but it's also a very detailed process to get to that answer. There are two components to this question and you should start with step one, what should your budget / range be? And then step two, work through the exercise with your remodeling team to get to a solid estimate for your Kitchen Remodel, Bath Remodel or any other remodeling project. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with my good friend Kyle Bridgan, owner of Noble Solid Service right here in Tacoma, WA to answer exactly that question. We came up with great ideas on how to work towards your Kitchen Remodeling cost, but also discussed key factors and "Pitfalls" to avoid which will take you way beyond your budget for your upcoming project.

There are two big components that go into a remodel:

  • Labor & Scope

  • Project Materials

There are certain things to look out for in a remodel to make sure your cost stays where it needs to be as well as making sure the project goes as planned. Here are a few things that could affect your budget:

  • Rushing into the build before the design is done

  • Not having a complete set of documents

  • Misleading allowances in bid

  • Not being clear and specific about materials

Something that can make a big difference in cost in your remodel is material selections.

You can typically choose from good, better, & best selections.

It's always a good idea to have your contactor in on the design early in the process.

There are quite a few things that can affect the cost of your remodel drastically -

  • materials

  • scope of work

  • design

  • any damages (such as water, wall damage, etc.)

There is an article that comes out every year that's called the Cost vs. Value report & it can give you an idea on remodeling pricing throughout the US. You can find it here:

Scope of Work

The scope of work is a really big deal when it comes to the cost of your project! Changing the scope could affect everything from the timeline to your budget.

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