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What’s HOT in Cabinet Accessories with RICHELIEU | ***FUN Ideas to add to your Kitchen Remodel***

What’s HOT in Cabinet Accessories with RICHELIEU | FUN Ideas to add to your Kitchen Remodel

Hi Kitchen fans! We are here today with another must see video! What’s HOT in cabinet accessories? If you watched my last video visiting Ken at the Richelieu Showroom in Auburn, you know I’ve said Richelieu is also a huge supplier for fun & cool cabinet accessories. While we cut our last video short, it’s time today to see Ken in action in their working kitchen walking us through all the cabinet accessories. Watch this video and find out what’s HOT in the cabinet accessory world!

As you can see, we found amazing and innovative ways to truly maximize every drawer and cabinet in your Kitchen.  These ‘must have’ kitchen accessories will add functionality to your new kitchen design.  We are in love with all of the space saving ideas we found in the Richelieu working kitchen.  For kitchens big and small, these accessories will turn your space into an organized and functional space.

Huge shout-out to Ken and the Richelieu showroom in Auburn WA for collaborating with us on this video, I had such a good time hanging out with all of you!

Find out more about Richelieu & browse their hardware collections right here:

Accessory from video: – Electronic Plate for trash pull out:…

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Connect with us on your next kitchen design project!  Our designers will show you how these accessories could change the whole look and feel of your new kitchen!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheers! Kerstin

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