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Worse mistakes to make in your remodel - Part 1

Here are some of the worse mistakes you can make while working on your remodel! These planning stages, if not addressed correctly, can cost you thousands of dollars to change once completed! Below are the things we'd recommend looking out for!

  1. Wasting space or arranging your space incorrectly.

A few ways to prevent this is; using the kitchen triangle (if you've never heard about this, we have a video on it) & putting the trash, sink, dishwasher on one wall! This will save you steps and ultimately time while you're working in the kitchen!

2. Making walkways too small.

This can be a big deal based on the kitchen size. If only one person is typically in the kitchen, we recommend a 42" walkway, and if there's two, we recommend 48". You can use painters tape to layout and help visualize the space!

3. Oversizing your Island.

We get it, islands are great, but depending on your space, they can be too big! You have to make sure the island fits with the kitchen space & is proportional. You could also use painters tape to visualize the island, as well!

We hope these tips helped! We'll be posting a part two to this topic - so, be on the lookout!


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