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The Ultimate Guide to a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Ultimate Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design Guide

Ultimate Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design Guide by King’s Kitchen

With all the HGTV hype around Farmhouse Kitchens, it’s no wonder that my number one Kitchen Design request this year was for a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen. It seems like this Kitchen Design can truly fit a lot of different personalities because it’s design and features can be bent in so many different directions. You can choose to go in a very traditional direction with a lot of trim and cream colors or keep it crisp and modern with just the right details to remind of a Farmhouse Kitchen.

In today’s blog post I wanted to explore with y’all the tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful but truly authentic Modern Farmhouse Kitchen.

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchens were built to accommodate large crowds. I’m talking big families and workers from the farm. This kind of Kitchen had some serious cooking to do. This is why you will think of lots of countertop space and big appliances. One of the most famous piece for this design is your big, single bowl farmhouse sink. A sink that is made for cleaning huge pots and dishes. The Kitchen should feel welcoming, even for workers with boots on. When thinking of a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen, I’d like to work with an open floor plan, where large meals can be prepared, while still entertaining family and friends.

Let’s start by talking cabinets.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Glass Upper Cabinets

The cabinets will be part of the first impression and overall feel of your Kitchen. To keep it modern and clean, I suggest the overall cabinetry in white. Furthermore, modern cabinet designs show limited use of trim and tend to have straight lines with just a few featured details around island legs for example. The first picture on the top shows perfectly how a simple shaker cabinet in white can pull of the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design in a right way. Combine the white shaker with a natural wood stained shaker island or a custom wood range hood, to include raw and rustic materials to your Kitchen Design.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Open Wood Floating Shelving

Farmhouse Kitchens have also gotten famous for their cabinet features like upper wall cabinets with glass doors or even simple open shelving. The trick to keeping it modern is to choose clean simple glass and real wood shelves with straight lines. I’d like to go with floating shelves here and save shelves with more details on the support for a traditional Farmhouse Design.

Add the right kind of Cabinet Hardware.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware

Southern Hills Polished Chrome Cup SHKM004-CHR-5 Source:

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware

Chrome Pulls Source: Unknown – Pinterest

Personally, I find it very elegant if you tie your Cabinet Hardware & faucet together by using same finishes. Luckily manufacturers offer almost any knob and pull in almost any finish like chrome, satin nickel, matte black and even bronzed. To keep an authentic Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design, I’d recommend choosing a transitional knob with a hint of detail. This is where you could also add some rounded shapes like cup pulls into your design.

Next step: Countertops.

When thinking of the perfect Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design, I see a lot of natural pattern in the countertop. Some of my favorites have been natural granite or soapstone. It brings more nature into the design, as seen on the pictures below. If you want to stick with Quartz because it’s so easy to maintain, stick to a natural looking design that mimics the look of natural stone with veining. You can also go one step further and include a combination of butcher block for the island for example. Not sure about all the different countertops and which one is best for you? Take a look at my ultimate countertop guide right here.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Countertops

Butcher Block Combination with Natural Stone Source: Unknown – Pinterest

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Countertops

Soapstone Countertops Source: – Pinterest

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Countertops – Pental Misterio Source: Unknown – Pinterest

It’s time to talk Subway tile.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash tile

Handcrafted Ceramic Subway Tile Source: Lowe’s – Pinterest

Subway tile has become the number one go to backsplash tile for any sort of Farmhouse Kitchen and personally, it would also be my preference for this design. But I’ve got news for you! Subway tile is not all equal and tile manufacturers from all over have come up with beautiful new designs to update the look of your standard subway tile. For a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design, I would suggest playing with color or subway tile that is either pillowed or handcrafted around the edges. This will give you a tile with more elegance and detail. I’d also suggest you stick with a ceramic tile and keep the glass tile for other designs.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens come with a Farmhouse Sink.

I don’t think we have to argue over the fact that if you want a true Modern Farmhouse Kitchen, you will need a modern Farmhouse Sink. You don’t necessarily have to stick with the single bowl sink, manufacturers also offer double bowl farmhouse sinks. There are a ton of choices in today’s market when it comes to materials, sizes, installations and more. You can find out everything you need to know about the different materials in my ultimate sink guide right here.

To keep it modern, I suggest staying away from excessive details and sticking to a clean look.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

Kohler K-3943-NA Vault Source:

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

P.S. You can always find my favorite sinks from past projects right here.

Finish your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design with the Perfect Faucet.

Don’t get too concerned with the faucet. Follow your intuition. For creating the perfect Modern Farmhouse Kitchen, you want to find a faucet with clean lines and just a hint of tradition.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Single Pull Down Sprayer in Satin Nickel Source: Unknown – Pinterest

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Transitional single pull down sprayer in chrome Source: Unknown – Pinterest

I hope this guide will help you creating a beautiful Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design for your new Kitchen. Make sure to join our King’s Kitchen Facebook Page, where you can ask away Kitchen Remodeling Questions and get them answered from our team.

Have fun remodeling!


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